What is Project Apocalypse?

Project Apocalypse is an initiative that aims to make old wisdom about the origins and future of people better known and understandable for those who are looking for the meaning of life.

Anyone who asks anyone what the word ‘apocalypse’ means will receive the answer: the downfall of the world. This makes it a popular subject for films and the like. Nowadays, for many people, the Apocalypse has become a caricature of what the book once meant to be. Apocalypse is the Greek word for Revelation. Revelation of the unseen world that is hidden behind the veil of external phenomena and where the causes of the forces of nature and the impulses in the human soul and spirit can be sought and found.

Over the centuries, the book of Apocalypse, with which the Bible ends, has played an important role in Europe. Especially in anxious times of wars or epidemics, people sought refuge in the spectacular images of the Apocalypse. The Apocalypse can be seen as a prophecy about what once was to come out, but at the same time it is already visible in our feelings and ideas. The Apocalypse not only paints hell and damnation at the ‘end of time’, on the contrary, it is primarily an appeal to seek the inner way to the mind, where the origins and future of mankind lie hidden. The decisive choice to go up the path of development can be found as a motif in the art that can still be found in many places in Europe. Examples are illustrations in old bibles, tapestries in castles and museums, sculpted portals at the entrances of cathedrals, paintings and books made over the centuries up to the present day. This makes the Apocalypse an unforgettable expression of the essence of European culture as it has developed over two millennia.

But the Apocalypse has been poorly understood by its visual language, right from the beginning of our era. Anyone who only reads the texts with his or her mind cannot penetrate into the meaning of the texts. The Apocalypse cannot be opened up by rational thinking, but by the heart and inner experience. The book conceals itself from the scholar and denies itself from the wise. Libraries are full of books about the Apocalypse without touching the core of the message in these books. The Apocalypse is an initiation book that tells the story of the writer’s way in. John wrote it around the year 90 during his imprisonment by the Romans on the island of Patmos. The book tells of the clairvoyant and inspired experiences of John at his inaugurations into ever higher consciousness. In this respect, John is a forerunner who shows what all people can experience when they follow the spiritual path.

The Apocalypse is a mystical book that reveals how searching people can be initiated into the knowledge and wisdom of what goes beyond the material and temporal existence. In short, the Apocalypse wants to save us from becoming entangled in the material and instead focus on our spiritual core and the ability to pass on selfless love.

Project Apocalypse aims to unlock this esoteric message for serious seekers of the meaning of life. We live in confusing times, when what life is really about has been known for millennia. The name Project has been chosen, not because the pursuit has a clear beginning and end, but to indicate that a trajectory with milestones is intended. Each time a step will be made to help make the inspiration that flows through this old book known and hopefully experienceable in a wider circle. A start has been made on this under the heading Blogs, section Explanation of text fragments, in which the texts are briefly explained on the basis of a selection from the literature. Through the possibility of interaction via the website, it can become a shared tool for the ambitious goal of Project Apocalypse.