What can I do with Project Apocalypse myself?

The Apocalypse is not a nobody but a holy book. You can only do something with it if you yourself are a seeker and are prepared to put the path of reason into perspective and to open yourself up to other ways of understanding. The Chinese philosopher Lao Tse said: ‘Mind blocks the source of life from the way’. The Apocalypse speaks to you if you are willing to master the visual language of the Apocalypse. Then, through inner experience, this book will connect you to the wisdom that flows and encourages us from before the beginning of the era.

The Apocalypse teaches you to distinguish the 7 developmental steps in all initiatives. In every organization and every initiative, the principles described in the Apocalypse are active. You learn to pay attention to what you experience instead of what you know, to the inside rather than the outside of events. And you’ve been warned of the pitfalls that will occur to you. Seeing through the temptations is the beginning of taking their strength away from them. This requires facing your own motives and the willingness to make your ego sing a tune lower.

You can also contribute to the Project Apocalypse, especially by working on it yourself. Or by organising a discussion in your group or company about this. Or by sharing experiences and insights. Or by making audio or video material related to the Apocalypse available for use on this website.