How to use this website?

The guideline for the use of this website is formed by 56 text fragments that together form the Apocalypse.

To find a text fragment, the reader is led to a spiral on the Home page in which the 56 text fragments are numbered together. By clicking on a number, the text fragment and related images from art appear.

The text fragments cannot be read in the usual way, but are arranged according to the movement that is also visible in the letter U, i.e. from top left to bottom and from bottom up again to top right. This form of presentation helps to interpret the text. Because the text at the very bottom of the U can be seen as the central scene. In both legs of the U going up are usually the equal scenes in the left and right leg each other’s mirror image. For example, if the fragment knows 5 scenes, the middle one, in this case the 3rd scene, is the central subject, and scene 2 and 4 are scene 1 and 5, respectively, each other’s mirror image. Also scene 1 and 2 are the introduction to the 3rd scene and 4 and 5 are the introduction to the consequences of scene 3. This pattern is characteristic for image revelations like those we encounter in dreams.

The spiral with the 56 text fragments has a special order that represents two movements. On the one hand there are 7 windings that carry the viewfinder from outside to the centre of the inner world, each in 7 steps per winding. The central number of the Apocalypse, the number 7, becomes visible. Number 7 is linked to the course of processes in time. And there is also an 8th step that represents the transition to a higher winding in the spiral, a higher level of consciousness. At the same time the spiral figure 7 shows rays coming from the centre in combination with an 8th transitional ray. These 8 rays, coming from the center and leading to the center, form the second movement of the spiral figure. Reaching the center is the goal of the road. The goal gives meaning to all the experiences on the way there. The text fragments are placed in such a way that the first letter, the first seal, the first trumpet, etc. are always in the same radius. In the 8th ray are the transitional fragments that lead the reader before God’s throne where a view to the distant future and the higher spheres is offered. In some cases additional intermediate fragments had to be added to this basic structure.

Each of the 56 text fragments also contain one or more images or videos. On the one hand, the image below the text is intended to illustrate the importance of the Apocalypse in European art. On the other hand, visitors to the website are invited to upload illustrations or videos relating to a fragment (for example, dance, music or theatre play about the text fragment). Anyone wishing to offer visual material related to the Apocalypse is asked to state the subject, the location, the date and the creator(s).

To deepen the interpretation of the text fragments, the reader is invited to go to the Blogs section and within that section to the item Explanation of text fragments. Each text edition will be further explained here by means of quotations from the literature.

This website is freely accessible. The information it contains has been carefully collected and selected. If you have any questions or if you think you have found inaccuracies, or if you have any other comments, you are kindly requested to report this to the website administrator.

The administrator reserves the right not to accept suggestions for changes or uploads.