Wolfgang Peter’s weekly lectures on the Apocalypse

15 December 2020 | Blog, News | 0 comments

Austrian Wolfgang Peter (born 13 November 1957) started spring 2020 with weekly lectures (in German) on the Apocalypse which are recorded. These lectures are given at Perchtoldsdorf bei Wien, Austria, and are documented by Francois Hagdorn on Youtube. Wolfgang Peter is actor, lecturer and anthroposophist. He started in 2004 the well-known digital encyclopedia Antrowiki. Using his wide and thorough knowledge of anthroposophy, he is very well able to picture the content of the Apocalypse in a wide historical and spiritual context. A general website on his free and end 2020 still continuing Apocalypse lectures can be found at https://anthro.world/apokalypse-des-johannes/ .

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