Blog Explanation text fragment 47 (Revelation 16:17)

23 October 2019 | Blog, Explanations text fragments | 0 comments

The  seventh vial is poured out in the air. And there came a great voice out of the temple, from the throne, saying: It is done.  The air represents the higher realm of the mental sphere.

In this phase, the difference between the seventh ray and the transition ray, or 8th ray, is fading.  With the outpouring of the seventh vial we are immediately able to hear the voice of God the Father, saying: It is done. The consequences of the decisions made earlier appear to us. Purified man can trespass this threshold and enter in the higher mental world, the Holy of holiest of the God’s temple, where the voice of God sounds from his throne.

The seventh vial of wrath, York Minster, Great East Window,  John Thornton, 1405-1408,,_Great_East_Window_-_7th_bowl.jpg


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