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The following three vials do not touch an earth-bound or nature related sphere, similar as was the case for the last three trumpets. The last three vials concern the people themselves and the counter forces active in them: the anti-Christ kingdom, its leaders and its capital city.

The fallen human kingdom

And the fifth angel poured out his vial over the throne of the beast. And his kingdom was covered with darkness. The kingdom of the beast refers to the people that fell back in the animal-like state of group-souls, which did not develop the higher Self or Manas. It is another kingdom than the genuine animal kingdom. It is a fallen human kingdom. They do miss what is the essence of being man, the social  life that is carried by love and mutual trust. This lack breads loneliness, fear for life and bitterness. They gnawed their tongues of pain, and blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains, and because of their ulcers. They blame God instead of themselves. And they repented not of their deeds. That is why their kingdom is darkened, according to Schult (p.270). This kingdom is no longer connected with the light world.

The outpouring of the fifth vial on the throne of the beast, Great East Window, York Minster, 1405-1408,,_Great_East_Window_-_Apocalypse_(detail)_0.jpg

The seven vials and the seven spheres of the worlds of light and darkness

The fourth vial was related to the Sun and the center of the I, and the last three vials point at the highest spheres in the cosmos and the human being. The total of the seven vials of wrath also lead us through all spheres of the world according to the Kabbalah (Schult, p.271).

Let us recapitulate how the Kabbalah looks at the structure of the world. The first vial referred to the physical world, in Kabbalah called the world of Assiah. The second, third and fourth vial are related to respectively the etheric, astral and mental worlds, called in Kabbalah the world of Yetzirah. The fifth, sixth and seventh vial concern the world of God, consisting of the sphere of the Spirit, of the Son and the Father, or the worlds of Beriah, Aziluth and Ensoph. In the world of Beriah we find the throne of God and the spiritual archetypes, it is the world of the Holy Spirit. In the world of Aziluth or of the Son of God we find Man-in-God, Adam Kadmon. And in the world of Ensoph, the last depth of the infinite and formless Father, the Creator being reveals itself.

Schult presents a similar structured set of worlds for the kingdom of hell and satan. The world of Beriah with the throne of God has in the kingdom of darkness the throne of the beast. After the outpouring of the fifth vial it is not the Holy Spirit in the kingdom of light which appears but this kingdom of darkness with the throne of the beast. And after the outpouring of the sixth vial the divine hierarchies of the Son and the sephiroth will not be shown, but the satanic trinity and the accompanying demons. And instead of the divine fundament of the Father and the divine unity we will see at the outpouring of the seventh vial of wrath the annihilation of all forms of community.

Comparison with the fifth trumpet and fifth seal

The appearance of the throne of satan with the outpouring of the fifth vial has its comparison with the fifth trumpet. The sounding of the fifth trumpet  resulted in the star falling from heaven on earth which opened the pit of the abyss from which a smoke ascended that darkened the Sun. And after the opening of the fifth seal we heard the call of the martyrs to God to revenge their blood. After the outpouring of the fifth vial that moment of revenge has come.    


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