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Then, the seventh trumpet sounds. The most important goal of physical Earth is now completed. This is the pouring in of love in our Self, after opening our heart, resulting in the development of Manas in our being. After the sounding of the last trumpet, spiritualized man enters the realm of higher consciousness. The illuminated kingdoms of earth enter heaven, the astral world. The kingdoms of the world are become of our Lord and of his Messiah above all.

Entering the astral world

At the sounding of the seventh trumpet, physical Earth reaches its developmental goal and all that still rests of the physical body starts to dissolve, like salt crystals in water (Steiner, 26 June 1908). Only what has been developed as Manas can join in the upward movement. Steiner furthermore remarks, that at this point, astral man and earth are being connected again with the sun. At this spiritualized phase, man has overcome the moon forces and can digest the faster developments generated by the sun forces. As a result, the events taking place in lemurian times, where Sun, Moon and Earth were separated, are reversed and these celestial bodies unite again at astral level.

Getty Apocalypse, The seventh trumpet, probably originating from  London, 1255-1260, J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angelos, California, USA

The victory of the spiritual eagle

Those overcoming the ahrimanic ordeals of the scorpio centaurs at the fifth trumpet, and the luciferic temptation of the four angels at the river Euphrates by means of the fiery horsemen at the sixth trumpet, receive from Michael the provisions needed for the rest of the path, as written in the star book with divine knowledge. They can measure the temple of the holy grail and experience death and resurrection. Then, the spiritual eagle above the five Hades star constellations of the zodiac has triumphed (Schult, p.176).


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