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After the sealing of the 144,000, they appear before the throne of God and of the Lamb. They have washed their robes white in the blood of the Lamb. This gathering before the throne is, as it seems, the result of the opening of the seventh seal, although the opening of the seventh seal is only mentioned in the next text fragment, but as if it had already taken place.

The washing of the robe in the blood of the Lamb

Van Egmond (10 January 1995, p.14) calls the sealed men those that are reborn. The number of 144 is a symbol for all those which are able to return, to go the way back to their divine origin. He finds an indication for this in the number 288, which is the double of 144. The numerical value of 288 corresponds in Hebrew with an exhalation and inhalation. After God has exhaled creation, it is inhaled again and the sealed human souls go the way back with this inhalation. They have washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb. The blood is the sign of Life. They have washed themselves in the life force of the Lamb. Their life is no longer from themselves. The tracks of what was personal have disappeared and have become the white of the innocence of the Lamb.

Bock emphasizes that only those which go through the school of suffering, that opens the heart for the force of love, can take up the new divine spark in their soul. This is indicated by the washing of the robe in the red blood of the Christ, until it is white.

With the opening of the first seals we saw the horseman on the white horse, followed by the horseman on the red horse, etc., which depicted a downward movement away from the spirit. Here the reverse movement takes place. The white robe means that man carries in his own red blood not only his desires, but has also taken up the force of love of the Christ. The symbol of the washing of the own robe in the blood of Christ means that the own soul is purified as a result of the decision of the individual human soul to act out of love. After this decision man can go the way, which is freed by Christ, back to the spiritual world and experience the support of the love of Christ in his soul.

Seven attributes of God

This text fragment also reports on laudations of the angels around the throne. They name seven attributes of God: The power of blessing, the light of the sprit, the wisdom, the thanksgiving, the worthiness of the soul, the world power, and the strength of the I. These are the attributes that we know as the seven sephiroth. In Revelation 5:12 (text fragment 12) a similar laudation sounded. Here the attributes are presented as planetary forces, ordered according to their polarities (Schult, p.133): The force of life-giving blessing (Moon), the light of the spirit (Mercury), the wisdom (Jupiter), the thanksgiving for riches (Mars), the worthiness of the soul (Venus), the world power (Saturn), and the strength of the I (Sun). Moon and Sun encompass the main polarities of night and day (Mercury and Jupiter), passivity and activity (Venus and Mars), death and life (Saturn and Sun). This order shows, according to Schult, the victory of the sun at the seventh phase of completion of the Seal epoch.

Dante’s scheme of the spiritual universe, source: Studies in the History and Method of Science, ed. Charles Singer, 1917, Vol. I, Fig. 4,

New mankind

The sealed 144,000 arrive here at a higher plane (Schult, p.132). They are the representatives of the new mankind and the completion contained in the seventh seal. At 144,000 the cosmos is entering in mankind. The forward moving multitude, which no man could number, is reaching here the heaven of fire, the empyreum, the sphere that trespasses time and space, Gods eternity. John enters here the same sphere that he could only see when looking at the book with the seven seals before it was opened. In this super cosmic world of the empyreum all cosmic spheres become transparent for the light beams of the world Logos.

White robe, seal at forehead and palm of victory

From these spiritual heights mankind descended more and more under the guidance of the leaders of the planets, depicted in the four horsemen of the first four seals. With the fifth seal, the new ascending started. With the sixth seal the number of the ascending chosen has become full. With the seventh seal, those with the white wedding-dress and the sealed at their forehead like priests, receive the victory palm as the symbol of the final completion. The white robe is symbol of the illumination of the Holy Spirit. The seal at the forehead represents the priest ordination by the Christ. And the palm of victory is the sign of the highest unification with the Father God.  


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